Our  Story

How it all started...

Zion Missionary Church was founded in 1924 with the purpose of reaching people for Christ. The Church was originally located just down the street from the current location, and was relocated to its current location at 1135 E. Hively Ave in 1965. Zion's original mission was to specifically reach children for Christ. The community around us has changed some, but Zion's mission still remains the same: to reach all people for Christ. 

Looking ahead...

ZMC was planted here on the south side of Elkhart in 1924, 100 years ago, to reach the children and surrounding neighborhood with the Gospel of Jesus.  This family of believers has faithfully served each other and this community for a whole CENTURY!

Now, we are here, at the start of ZION’S 2nd CENTURY!  We want to be faithful, like those who came before us, to be good stewards of the resources that God has blessed us with.  We praise God that our building is totally paid for and we have beautiful grounds to enjoy and share with our family and community.  The building we are in now is not the original building and isn’t quite as old as the church itself, but it is in need of some updates and upgrades so that we can continue to serve the Lord here.  

ZION’S 2nd CENTURY FUND is being established to raise funds over the next 3 years (2024-2027) to UPGRADE, REPAIR and IMPROVE areas of the building and property that are essential to continuing the work and mission that God began here 100 years ago.  The money committed and given to Zion's 2nd Century Fund will be used to UPGRADE, REPAIR and IMPROVE the following areas:
  • Windows
  • Sanctuary Carpet & Seating
  • Gym Lighting

These upgrades and improvements are not merely cosmetic!  Investing in the physical building will ensure that this place of worship, community, and ministry will be able to serve its purpose here for another 100 years!

Become a Centurion...

As we enter Zion's 2nd Century, we want to challenge ourselves to become a Centurion.  This doesn’t mean that you are 100 years old, like the church, and it doesn’t mean you are a Roman officer in charge of 100 soldiers!

To become a Centurion for Zion, we are asking for a commitment over the next 3 years to several things:
  • Regularly Pray for the church and our pastors
  • Regularly Attend services and participate in church family activities
  • Regularly Study God’s Word individually and in community
  • Regularly Serve in whatever way God has gifted you
  • Regularly GIVE financially in tithe as well as offerings

When you give financially, be sure the choose "2nd Century Fund" in the giving portal, or write "2nd Century Fund" on the memo line of your check. Thank you for your commitment to Zion!

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together 10:30am.